5 Things to Know about ‘When They See Us’ breakout star Jharrel Jerome


By: Blue Telusma

“I’ll tell you what Jharrel did to me,” co-star Michael K. Williams, who plays Antron McCray’s father, Bobby, told BET. “We were at the table read. We hadn’t even begun filming yet. We read episode one and it was to the part where Korey was being sentenced and he was freaking out in the court room. And Jharrel started to go in AT THE TABLE READ. I’m sitting here and he’s to my left. I’m looking at him like, OK, this kid is going too hard, he’s gonna get you, Mike. He’s gonna get you.”

“I didn’t want to cry at the table read,” said Williams of that emotionally charged first encounter. “So I turned my head and looked this way and I locked eyes with the real Korey, who is just sitting there with tears streaming down his face. I took my baseball cap, pulled it down, and said it’s going to be that kind of ride. At the table read, he wore me out.”

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