A Colombian is the first Afrolatina to graduate with a Masters in Global Health from Harvard


By: María Mónica Monsalve - @mariamonic91

Dr. Gloria Prado Pino becomes the first Afrolatina to graduate with a Masters in Global Health from Harvard.

“Two weeks ago Dr. Gloria Prado Pino was in Boston (United States), receiving her Master's degree in Medical Sciences in Global Health from the School of Medicine at Harvard University. It was a unique title, because it also made her the first Afro-Latin woman to graduate from this program. The first Colombian and the first Chocoana. Today, days later, she is in Medellin finishing arranging some papers and will travel to Quibdó (Chocó), her hometown, the day after tomorrow. What Gloria has lived these days sums up, in some way, what her life was for about three years. A life as a student, academic, mother and leader of a family.”

“There, Gloria worked as a doctor in a mobile unit that traveled through places in Quibdó that she did not know. "Isolated, riverside areas, indigenous reserves where there was no health center. And since then I began to have a feeling of dissatisfaction, of living in a social injustice, where in my awakening, there did not exist things that were normal to see in Medellin or Bogota."

Original in Spanish: “Una colombiana es la primera afrolatina en graduarse de la Maestría en Salud Global de Harvard”

For more: https://www.elespectador.com/noticias/educacion/una-colombiana-es-la-primera-afrolatina-en-graduarse-de-la-maestria-en-salud-global-de-harvard-articulo-866301?